May 2017

Sloth discovered near east forest.







Coming in June 2017

Hummingbird Project

“I was aware of illegal mining and logging practices in many areas of the Amazon but saw a need in this particular area to move quickly and decisively to preserve the diversity of species that inhabit the region. There are many acres of forest that have been destroyed by these industries and some will require many decades to restore completely. 


Mark Cisneros,


Illegal forestry and mining operations in the Southeastern region of the Amazon are threatening the natural habitats of the flora and fauna that thrive in the Tambopata region. We are committed to protecting these areas from the effects of these operations.

Habitat Preservation


Our programs are geared to promote respectful study and analysis in a variety of projects that are developed for the continuous practices of preservation and conservation.

Our Mission

Making A Difference

 April 2017

Forest research project begins.

Southeastern Amazon International Center

  • Zero Intrusion Habitat Studies.
  • Reforestation of deciminated forests due to illegal forestry.
  • Enviromental techniques to restore water habitats affected by illegal mining.
  • Providing 
  • Educating local citizens on zero impact farming and industry practices.

Through investigative research and solid conservation techniques, our team will provide comprehensive strategies to help curb the deterioration of natural habitats for the diversity of animals and native plants that exist in the Tambopata Region.